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Monday, October 31, 2011

What is Fair Childcare?

Fair childcare is respect and care for every child and every caregiver
Fair childcare respects mothers and doesn't separate them from their children through forces such as economics and borders
Fair childcare is divided across all sectors in a more equitable fashion
Fair childcare means all children to have the physical and emotional requirements they need to grow and blossom
Fair childcare supports caregivers and children's leadership & dignity
Fair childcare is respect for individual differences and culture
Fair childcare value's the work of growing bodies, hearts and spirits
Fair childcare is concrete support for all families
Fair childcare is community solidarity
Fair childcare centers those on the margins in this unjust system
Fair childcare is beauty and self expression, even when that self expression isn't so beautiful
Fair childcare is affordable, free, sliding scale, collective
Fair childcare is wonderful and necessary
Fair childcare is healthy
Fair childcare is equal
Fair childcare is putting your resources where your mouth is!

What does "Fair Childcare" mean to you?

original flyer and spanish translation here:

This project was inspired by the "What is Fair Development ?" photo booth project (check out the photo set - lots of youth and kidz city volunteers mixed in!)

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