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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Potluck = Great Success! and other news...

Hi everyone,

The 1st ever Community KIDz CITY Potluck was a lot of fun! Thanks for all those who came. We had a great time with bubbles, tossing a frisbee, playing and listening to music, swinging on swings, talking, eating and more!

Our next community event will be a KIDz STORY HOUR at the Baltimore Bookfair in the Radical Book Tent.

It is during the zine bazaar. Friday, September 24th from 4 -5 pm. We'll be reading "Click Clack Moo" (and a typewriter activity) and "My Head is Full of Colors" (and a crown making art activity).

We'll see you all soon.

(Let us know if you want to volunteer for the childcare program at IDKcE -- October 20-24.)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

KIDz CITY Community Potluck

KIDz CITY is hosting our first ever community potluck. And you're invited!!!

Saturday Sept 18th (in one week, oh my! -- hurry up and write it on your calendars!)
from 12 noon - 4 pm
in Wyman Park (we're gonna start off at the playground -- corner of 29th and Charles)

Of course there will be food to eat, games to play and MUSIC! And best of all we'll have you!

If you have any questions, or want to share excitement, you can e-mail us: radkidcare -at-!

(If you're an over-achiever you can label your food dish with any common allergy ingredients it contains. Ex: "this has peanuts," "dairy in here," "wheat!" etc)

We can't wait to see you on Sat!

love! KIDz CITY (Harriet, Sine, China and Sarah!)

p.s. Rainy-day back-up location - TBA.