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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Potluck = Great Success! and other news...

Hi everyone,

The 1st ever Community KIDz CITY Potluck was a lot of fun! Thanks for all those who came. We had a great time with bubbles, tossing a frisbee, playing and listening to music, swinging on swings, talking, eating and more!

Our next community event will be a KIDz STORY HOUR at the Baltimore Bookfair in the Radical Book Tent.

It is during the zine bazaar. Friday, September 24th from 4 -5 pm. We'll be reading "Click Clack Moo" (and a typewriter activity) and "My Head is Full of Colors" (and a crown making art activity).

We'll see you all soon.

(Let us know if you want to volunteer for the childcare program at IDKcE -- October 20-24.)

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