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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Join Kidz City at MOBCONF this weekend at 2640 and the Village Learning Place (VLP)! 

On Saturday, 6/2, at 11am in VLP3, Kidz City collective member China Martens will be facilitating a workshop called "Mobilizing with Care: Radical Tactics in Supporting Children and Parents in the Movement" focusing on concrete ways to be an ally to parents and children in our communities. Later at 1:30pm in the Clark Room at 2640, Kidz City will host an intergenerational, participatory playtime!

Then, on Sunday at 4pm in VLP1 join a DIY forum on parenting as politics.

Check out the full schedule for more information!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

resources for children's books

Here are some links to lists of Children's Books you may find useful! If you know of anymore feel free to share with us :)

Radical Children's Books: A Reference List

From the Radical Reference Desk

People of Color Picture Books Wiki