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Monday, October 15, 2012

Kidz City @ Facing Race, Nov. 15-17 --- Racial Justice and Childcare

Recently I send out an email--posted below-- to different groups that we had brainstormed about that we would like to reach out to and put on our list. There are so many different amazing people doing so much good works in this city! It took us a long time to think through how we wanted to reach out. (If we didn't get your name down on this list, it doesn't mean we didn't want you - we would love to have the input of all who work towards racial and economic justice, especially those in Baltimore and those who build community support for children and caregivers.) Our original plan was to have a community meeting to invite input. But as time started to become fleeting we simplified our idea into an online survey that we could gather up input, as well as reach out to others. I'm not sure how this will work out but I can tell you as I pushed "send" with my fingers on the mouse I said out loud "with love and well wishes". Next year I hope we will plan an actual community meeting to ask for input as how Kidz City can best serve the children and families in our beloved city, and work towards racial and economic justice - as we know these kinds of discussions take time! Just as relationships and collective work takes time to build as well. But we really wanted to reach out for the planning of this action, in the way that we always do, but try to reach out as we also continue to examine these issues within our own work and collective.

This is our last big action of the year, and I am writing this as the person who is going to be coordinating the childcare volunteers - for this event. I am going to be signing up people for 2-3 hour volunteer time slots at this time. For more information please email radkidcare@gmail with "childcare volunteer" in the subject line. 

xo building for the future, 
china/kidz city

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Hello from Kidz City!

Kidz City is excited to be organizing childcare in coordination with
Facing Race Conference, a national conference coming to Baltimore in
November 15 – 17.

In preparation we have made a survey to help gather up ideas, input,
and inspiration on Racial justice and childcare as we think of the
deeper issues and plan for the practical, safe, and fun care of
children coming to take part in the conference with their families. We
also wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to different groups,
especially those in Baltimore, that we admire. We appreciate your time
if you would look at the survey and see if it would be something you
would be interested in giving your input to: this survey.

We will be compiling a collective resource from the results to share.
We are also reaching out for volunteers to do childcare along with
Kidz City at Facing Race at this time. Please feel free to ask further

If you are interested please respond by: November 1st!

Thank you so much!

Best wishes and happy autumn
China Martens, Harriet Moon Smith, Sine Hwang Jensen/Kidz City

Kidz City Baltimore is an anarcha-feminist collective dedicated to
increasing access and support for parents, children, and caregivers in
social justice organizing and at events. We partner with others to
organize creative space, care, and programming for children. We see
childcare as a form of activism and one part of creating a just world.
We are a Fusion Affiliate.