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Thursday, September 22, 2011

BOOKFAIR!!!! starting tomorrow ...

They've got a great line up of talks aimed at radical parents and kids
this year in the Radical Bookfair Pavilion at the Baltimore Book
Festival, taking place outdoors in Mt. Vernon Place, September

Saturday 9/24 @ 1PM: Rad Dad

Tomas Moniz, creator of the zine "Rad Dad", presents the new
anthology collecting the best of "Rad Dad" and "Daddy
Dialectic"---essential reflections on the politics of
fatherhood. (In the Radical Bookfair Pavilion)

Sunday 9/25 @ Noon: Encouraging Reluctant Readers

Iris Kirsch, Baltimore City public school teacher, leads a
discussion workshop on "Encouraging Reluctant Readers": we all know
reading is vitally important, but how do we get kids to realize
this? (in our brand new Baltimore Free School Lit & Language tent).

Sunday 9/25 @ 1PM: Urban Theory for Kids!

Art activist Becky Slogeris presents an interactive workshop for
kids based on her new book, "The Baltimore Textbook"---a
middle-school level introduction to critical urban theory focused on
Baltimore. (in the Free School Lit & Language tent).

There's tons more great stuff going on in the Radical Bookfair
Pavilion, and at the larger Book Festival itself, all of it 100% free.
Check out the full schedules at and

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DIY Fest! "The flower of independence blooms from the soil of interdependence."

"Do It Together" Children's programming at DIY Fest – this Saturday!

WHERE: 2640 St Paul Street Balt. MD 21218

WHEN: Saturday, September 17 - between 12 PM and 6 PM.

Kidz City is excited to be working with DIY Fest to program more activities for children, support for parents, and all-ages community building skills. There will be:

- children’s craft table with Grandma Shirley;

- making dinosaur eggs (and hang out in the dinosaur nest) with Kidz City;

- puppet theatre;

- and jewelry making for (older) children at the jewelry making table

Come to DIY Fest and bring your children!

The flower of independence blooms from the soil of interdependence. Let’s work together to make a great DIY Fest for all.

More Info about DIY Fest:

DIY Fest 2011 (Do It Yourself Festival) will be the 5th DIY Fest to be held in Baltimore City. The event is free (donations are greatly appreciated) and is open to anyone wanting to learn a new skill, teach or present one of their skills/hobbies or just check out what goes down at a DIY Fest.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Harriet's Reflections on the IWW CONVENTION

So the IWW Convention is over, it's been a week or more, and I have spent some time reflecting.

Coordinating childcare for this event has really helped to revitalize my hope for our collective, for Baltimore 'radicals' and for the world (okay may that's over stating it).

I think doing Kidz City work I've gotten comfortable with the role of someone who has to push to be heard, who has to shout to be considered. I went into organizing with Baltimore IWW folks defensively, ready to be disapointed. Well I was not disappointed, I had such a great time, and developed a deeper repsect for all the people in the IWW branch and for the IWW in general.

Visiting delegates were also on the whole lovely people, many of them came and said "thank you for your work" to the childcare volunteers. There was a lot of respect for the 'work' that each person did. And it seemed that care work was just as appreciated by the people that I had the pleasure of speaking with.

We also had new volunteers join us for the first time labor day weekend, and they were amazing. I can't wait to continue working with them, and learning more about them.

The coloring book I make was just a blast to research, draw, paste up and copy (many hours at Kinkos). There are still copies available if anyone wants one.

Kidz City has other activities coming up very soon. It seems like the organizing with DIY Fest has been going really well, and the kids program looks amazing.

If you want to be on our e-mail list to volunteer or recieve updates please e-mail

In solidarity and love,