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Monday, August 4, 2014

Thank You! Kidz Space @ "Money For Our Movements" in Baltimore

We wanted to post some pictures to share w/ parents, kids, organizers, and all conference attendees  - as a thank you!!! 

Thank you for being so smart and being yourself! 

Thanks for the author tips and songs! 

Thanks for all the talent and amazingness! 

Thanks for the kindness and consensus building!

Thanks for enjoying yourself and working together!

Thanks for the fun and games!

Thanks for trying to make sure no one banged their heads and going with us on a library exploration!

Thanks for expressing yourself and respecting limitations on screen time. 

Thanks for driving so far and your valuable input as a parent!

I was really proud of us! THANK YOU for so many happy memories that linger.

NOTE: We did not organize as Kidz City, for Kidz City is defunct, but some of us volunteered to help as a paid job if they wanted us to do that and to use our same values, as we needed paying work. It felt good and rad to get paid and honestly its a lot of work. We compensated volunteers with the option of being able to go to the conference that weekend. 

It was a meaningful experience - working with respect with GIFT, parents, kids, each others, old and new friends, making connections and working together. We wanted to share these pictures to help make this space, youth, parents, and childcare visible as a necessary component and infrastructure of social justice organizing.

Thank you and Love to all our new kid friends! Thanks for making this such a special weekend. 
Thank you to all the childcare volunteers - this couldn't have been a success without you.
Thank you to all the parents - for all your valuable work raising such wonderful youth and all you do.

Thank you for GIFT for being intentional in how you wanted to concretely support parents and youth in attendance and valuing sustainable radical childcare.

Your friends in Baltimore, China, Harriet, and Julie