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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fair Childcare Now! - Children's Programing at the Fair Development Conference Oct. 29

Hello! Kidz City is preparing for the children's programming for the Fair Development Conference (in Baltimore) at the end of the month. WE NEED LOTS OF VOLUNTEERS! Volunteer for a two-hour shift! Let me know if you are interested and mark the date

Time: Saturday Oct 29, from 9 am to 5
Place: 2640 Saint Paul
Estimated: 5-15 kids. But they don't really know.

I am also interested in assembling a planning/organizing team!

Second organizing meeting this tuesday, oct.11 at 6:30 in Hampden. Let me know if you would like to come. We will also have a volunteer orientation the week before the event.

yours for the long term intergenerational building,
china/kidz city


* Make Halloween Costumes with/for Kids! They can use them to march around the next day for the Sunday action (There is going to be a giant pumpkin prop involved in the United workers demo), to feel part of the larger action, and also trick or treat in. I am thinking it would be neat to set up a sewing and costume station and get a lot of creativity going on around this.

Create a "Fair Development" GAME for children! Build Something meeting the criteria of using public resources fairly, with respect for all, and is sustainable. Or perhaps experience the game in two ways, with one boss; and then in a collaborative way. various ideas - but creating a game is a really cool idea!

Create a village, there own town. Building a community. Verbally or with waterpaints. Older kids building with younger kids.


Workshops for Youth.

Assemble Packages of crayons, paper, and toys to put in each workshop so that children that go to workshops with caretakers have stuff there to be occupied with.

Work on ways to develop youth leadership, incorporate youth decision making.

Represent "Fair Development" in Kidz Terms: youth to experience collective decision making.

Work on a Fair Childcare Bill of Rights! What is fair childcare? Perhaps work with kids on a Children's Bill of Rights.

Photo Booth Project: If we make signs we could be part of the larger photo booth project which will ask a question like: "what is fair development?"

Develop some kind of idea for presentation that could come from the youth to the greater assembly before supper

Have ideas? Get in touch ASAP. Especially with workshop ideas and folks that could give workshops to youth. We need to put that program together.

More about the Fair Development Conference:

The 2011 Fair Development Conference is a going to be an incredible convergence of some of the most dynamic and effective organizers and scholars locally, nationally and even globally.

Check out the amazing program of workshops, events, and actions here!

People are traveling far and wide to share stories and strategies for building the power needed to develop our communities and economies in ways that respect the inherent worth of all people. From the Dominican Republic, Vermont, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, West Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania and elsewhere, organizers, artists, faith leaders, and students will be making their way to Baltimore to participate in the Fair Development Conference. We hope that you will make your way too.

So don’t miss out, register online today!

Be on the lookout for additional updates on Fair Development Conference events, actions, and news.

Here’s a list of just some of the participation groups
Amnesty International
Baltimore Algebra Project
Baltimore Bicycle Works
Centro de los Trabajadores Unidos en la Lucha
Civilian Soldier Alliance (CivSol)
Coalition for Economic Justice
Coalition of Immokalee Workers
Community Law Center
Democracy Collaborative
Fight for a Fair Economy
Generations for Peace and Democracy
Good Jobs Better Baltimore
Iraq Veterans Against the War
Justicia Global
Keeper of the Mountains Foundation
Media Mobilizing Project
Michigan Welfare Rights Organization
Milk Not Jails
Northeast Pennsylvania Organizing Center
National Economic and Social Rights Initiative
Philadelphia Student Union
Picture the Homeless
Poverty Initiative
Puppet Underground
Spectres of Liberty
United Workers
Urban Justice Center
Vermont Workers Center
War Resisters League
And More!

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