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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kidz City Track @ D.I.Y. Fest - Sat. Sept 15

(Shira wildly throwing balloons in the dinosaur nest by the do-it-together puppet theatre, 2012)

For the second year in a row, the wonderful  D.I.Y. Fest has asked to collaborate with us! What we came up for this year is that we will have a Kidz City "track" of workshops instead of creating a physical space like last year. 

Our goal for the Kidz City Track Workshops is to facilitate working/learning/building together to support youth and parents in the radical community.

These workshops have been especially created with children in mind, start at a child’s level, but are geared for all ages and welcome the whole community. In fact we really want to play (run around and send/catch lighting bolts out of our finger tips) games with you! 

Here's the Kidz City schedule:

12 - 12:50 PM - Seed "Bomb" Making - green up an empty lot with Harriet

2 - 2:50 PM - Watermelon-Strawberry-Rose Punch - Learn how to make a delicious and calming punch (did you know that rose petals are edible and also soothing) with China and Lucy. The smallest folks can help cut pieces with a butter knife, older participants can also help younger ones and run the juicer and we can all drink together - yum!

3 - 3:50 PM - Games with Kidz City: Build All Ages Community - using games learned from other radical childcare collectives at this years Allied Media Conference in Detroit and Theatre of the Oppressed we will play cooperative games for all ages community skill building and liberation! No experience needed, learn how to play with kids 101

4 - 4:50 PM - Learning about Herbal Medicine: Make Your Own Lip Balm. Come create your own lip balm with  Amy and Beth. 

5 - 5:50 PM - Sewing Skills: Make a Pouch. Join an amazing and creative seamstress to learn beginner skills to create a useful pouch which can be put on a belt.