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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Repost: Teaching Boys Feminism

The following is an interesting blog entry by Ileana Jiménez on her blog "Feminist Teacher."

When I was in college, I always thought that teaching girls about feminism was my life’s calling. It turns out that teaching boys about feminism has made that calling even more profound.

In the past three years, I have taught a high school course on feminism titled Fierce and Fabulous: Feminist Writers, Artists, and Activists. Each year, girls and boys sign up for the class and each year, these young men are awakened not only to injustices regarding race, class, and gender in national and global contexts but also to injustices regarding how they have been socialized as boys.

With every example of women, girls, queer folks, and people of color facing discrimination, marginalization, and violence, boys awaken. White male boys begin to realize the male privilege they have enjoyed in a culture that valorizes powerful white men while boys of color gain language to describe their painful experiences of racism and classism. And each year, without fail, regardless of racial identity or socioeconomic class, the boys—both straight and gay—express their fear of being called a “fag.”

Boys of all backgrounds begin to share that they have been robbed of learning how to express their masculinity in ways that are healthy, loving, and emotive.

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feel free to comment with your own stories teaching feminism, racial justice, and other areas of social justice, equity, and care ...

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  1. Awwww, this is awesome. It's never too early to bring these issues to children's attentions, in my opinion, since they experience these things every day whether they're aware of it or not.