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Thursday, August 12, 2010

SUPER KIDZ - childcare @ International Drag King Extravaganza, Baltimore - Oct. 20-24, 2010

Gender Justice: SUPER KIDZ Programming –

SUPER KIDZ is a creative program so that the children of IDKE XII participants in Baltimore – Oct. 20-24 2010 - be cared for by the greater community and also have space and activities just for them.

Everyone, no matter how old they are, deserves to feel safe and good in being who they are—while respecting the rights of others. We all have things in common and we all have differences. Lets work together to support everyone’s right to be super!

SUPER KIDZ is about taking care of yourself and taking care of each other. Free to be you and me. Lets get together and make this world a better place.

Activities may include:

story time
dress up
work on a play to show everyone
discuss: what does being a super hero mean to you?
go for a walk
go swimming
learn consensus

Kidz City’s SUPER KIDS is a creative program intended to support parents' access to participation at IDKE XII Baltimore – Oct. 20-24 2010 - and to promote respect and community care for children. We believe that while we are working (and playing) together we should make sure no one is left behind.

One important component to any conference/gathering where folks want full participation from a variety of people is access to that conference. Access for parents and child-caregivers is an important part of any grassroots or community gathering. However, at many conferences and gatherings, children’s and caretakers’ issues are often marginalized and addressed last, if at all.

We have formed SUPER KIDZ to help address these needs. We will be making space and programming for children, with a youth show that everyone is encouraged to attend. We wish to change the overburdened and isolated capitalist hierarchical model of childcare into one more in line with a community justice model that respects all people, ages, and needs.

What we need from you is your time and energy. Please consider volunteering. Together we can do more then we can alone - If everyone volunteers a little that adds up to a lot!


Workshop presenters: Consider sharing your skills/concepts in the children’s space. Feel free to contact us and we will help you develop ideas on how your work applies to children.

Artists and Presenters: Please submit a page to our SUPER KIDZ coloring book. Create fun child-friendly images outside the mainstream binary gender coding children's coloring books. Lets draw and imagine a beautiful world where everyone is celebrated. Feel free to contact us and get feedback on your ideas.

Parents: Please contact us ahead of time. Let us know the ages of the children you are bringing, as well as other concerns, including those with special needs, so we can provide for them.

Volunteers: We need volunteers who would like to participate in respectful, creative, and caring community childcare. We are especially looking for artists, dancers, singers, and educators who have experience working with children. However, those with little previous experience with children are also welcome and will be paired with more experienced folks. There is a place for everyone in Kidz City.

Conference Participants: Look out for the youth around you and support everyone’s right to participate at their own level. Talk to parents and children and see how you can support them. Examine your privileges and see how you can support others’ struggles as well as your own.

Donations: For those who do not want to volunteer or cannot volunteer, you can still be supportive by donating any of the following: juice boxes, 
soymilk boxes, 
carrots, fruit, graham crackers, other healthy foods, dress-up clothes, art supplies, baby wipes, paper towels, money - or if you can donate or lend other supplies also let us know!


Kidz City/SUPER KIDZ Organizers China, Harriet, Sarah, and Sine
Blog: Mail: P.O. Box 4803 Baltimore MD 21211

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